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Thank you for healing my shoulder!

I want to share my sincere gratitude for Dr. Jonathan DeGorter of Jonas Chiropractic Sports Injury Care (Syosset, NY) for restoring the range of motion and strength of my left shoulder.

I have been dedicated to fitness since a young age. My workouts (including the ability to challenge myself in all sorts of exercise) have always been a great and constant source of joy.

Around the time I turned 39, I started to notice that my left shoulder was feeling slightly uncomfortable when doing overhead presses, and that was slowly getting worse. Then, about 6 months after my 39th birthday, I did some silly stunt after which it started to feel noticeably painful in my left shoulder to do pull-ups and overhead presses, and that quickly got worse to where the range of motion of my left shoulder was compromised and I was no longer doing those exercises. On my 40th birthday, I felt that age might be catching up with me. There I was – a long-time athlete – unable to raise my left arm all the way up to the sky, unable to do basic pull-ups and basic overhead press, and unable to do a “front double biceps” pose, because I could not even get my left arm/shoulder into position for any of that. I had been able to overcome all of the little injuries that arise once in a while when an athlete is pushing his limits, but my left shoulder was different. I was worried that my workouts and abilities would never be the same.

I came across the website for Jonas Chiropractic Sports Injury Care and I read about the practice and Dr. Jonathan DeGorter and determined that they could be the right fit. It was important to me to take advantage of non-invasive approaches (as opposed to surgery), to go somewhere that works with athletes, and to be seen by an excellent practitioner who truly appreciates how important it is to an athlete to be able to perform at his or her best, and I am very happy that I chose Jonas Chiropractic Sports Injury Care and Dr. Jonathan DeGorter. Through a combination of active release techniques (ART), minor adjustments, cold laser therapy, and radial pulse therapy, I experienced significant improvements within a few sessions, and by the end of the package of sessions the range of motion of my shoulder was about 99% restored. I decided to go for additional, less frequent sessions to close in on perfection. Today, about five months after my 40th birthday, I am doing basic body-weight pull-ups without any discomfort or restriction (at my last workout, I did 12 reps in my first set), I am doing basic overhead presses in my shoulder workout without any discomfort, and my “front double biceps” pose is looking pretty good. 🙂

I am very happy with the results and forever grateful for Dr. Jonathan DeGorter and Jonas Chiropractic Sports Injury Care for helping me heal. Thank you!