I was looking for a new chiropractor and Dr. Jon DeGorter was highly recommended by some running friends, and I can see why! I had been in pain for months and even with one adjustment the pain and stiffness in my cervical spine has lessened.

Antonia L- Zocdoc

Phenomenal service, took pain away in a matter of a few appointments. Completely reasonable rates if your insurance does not cover the the service.

Scott U- Google

I limped into Cold Spring Chiropractic in such knee pain, an hour later I walked out with such relief that I never expected! I cannot recommend Dr Jon enough for his incredible knowledge and confidence knowing I would be back at 100 percent in no time. my only regret is that I did not get there sooner.

Janice D- Google

Magical experience!! Was in tremendous pain in my back and just in three sessions i was healed and my pain gone like it was never there. It’s a miracle and i am happy that I visited Dr Jonathan DeGorter !!

Ramdeep K- Google

After only one treatment, my chronic shoulder pain was reduced by 90 percent. Looking forward to future treatments and hopefully full recovery

Jason K- Zocdoc

Walked out of there a new person. First time trying a chiropractor massage and exceeded my expectations. Thank you Dr. Jon!

Ruth E-Zocdoc

Dr Jon is the best. With his ART skills he has helped my sciatica, chronic hamstring pain, shin splints and several other injuries. I would highly recommend Dr Jon. The gaff is always friendly and helpful too

Eve N- Google

I had hurt my back playing in a water balloon fight on 4th of July. I could barely move, felt like the muscles in my lower back were locked up and not ever going to ‘unlock. I saw Dr DeGorter on 7/9 and within my first visit I could already feel the difference. Each visit got progressively better and now I’m 100% back to normal took less time than expected!

Deji A- Google

Miracle worker, accommodating and friendly. I pulled my back and was in grueling pain. Dr. DeGorter’s welcoming staff fit me in for an 8:45 a.m. appointment. One adjustment later, by 6 p.m. I was on a 10-mile bike ride. Took another ride this morning, just to convince myself it’s true. I can’t get over how the pain is relieved and mobility returned so quickly — a very skilled Dr.

Dana S- Google

As a hockey player with a bad lower back, Jonas Chiropractic has kept me on the ice each week with their treatment. Knowledgeable and HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I would rate a 6 out of 5 if I could!

Matt W- Google

Thank you for healing my shoulder!

I want to share my sincere gratitude for Dr. Jonathan DeGorter of Jonas Chiropractic Sports Injury Care (Syosset, NY) for restoring the range of motion and strength of my left shoulder.

I have been dedicated to fitness since a young age. My workouts (including the ability to challenge myself in all sorts of exercise) have always been a great and constant source of joy.

Around the time I turned 39, I started to notice that my left shoulder was feeling slightly uncomfortable when doing overhead presses, and that was slowly getting worse. Then, about 6 months after my 39th birthday, I did some silly stunt after which it started to feel noticeably painful in my left shoulder to do pull-ups and overhead presses, and that quickly got worse to where the range of motion of my left shoulder was compromised and I was no longer doing those exercises. On my 40th birthday, I felt that age might be catching up with me. There I was – a long-time athlete – unable to raise my left arm all the way up to the sky, unable to do basic pull-ups and basic overhead press, and unable to do a “front double biceps” pose, because I could not even get my left arm/shoulder into position for any of that. I had been able to overcome all of the little injuries that arise once in a while when an athlete is pushing his limits, but my left shoulder was different. I was worried that my workouts and abilities would never be the same.

I came across the website for Jonas Chiropractic Sports Injury Care and I read about the practice and Dr. Jonathan DeGorter and determined that they could be the right fit. It was important to me to take advantage of non-invasive approaches (as opposed to surgery), to go somewhere that works with athletes, and to be seen by an excellent practitioner who truly appreciates how important it is to an athlete to be able to perform at his or her best, and I am very happy that I chose Jonas Chiropractic Sports Injury Care and Dr. Jonathan DeGorter. Through a combination of active release techniques (ART), minor adjustments, cold laser therapy, and radial pulse therapy, I experienced significant improvements within a few sessions, and by the end of the package of sessions the range of motion of my shoulder was about 99% restored. I decided to go for additional, less frequent sessions to close in on perfection. Today, about five months after my 40th birthday, I am doing basic body-weight pull-ups without any discomfort or restriction (at my last workout, I did 12 reps in my first set), I am doing basic overhead presses in my shoulder workout without any discomfort, and my “front double biceps” pose is looking pretty good. 🙂

I am very happy with the results and forever grateful for Dr. Jonathan DeGorter and Jonas Chiropractic Sports Injury Care for helping me heal. Thank you!

David T- Google

Went to Jonas Chiropractic for Active Release Therapy (ART) on my tennis elbow and has brought the pain down to a manageable level. Have now introduced exercise along with ART and hope to put this issue behind me (BTW, three cortisone shots did nothing for me and ART has done wonders). Highly recommended and office is very professional.

Tom M-Google

Dr DeGorter is very knowledgeable and has a very good demeanor. He is patient in listening to your concerns. And provided excellent care to relieve my pain. Yesterday was my first visit. I live in the city and will drive here to see the doc, no question about it.

Grace L- Yelp

Excellent treatment from Dr DeGorter who quickly remedied a badly sprained ankle that had been swollen and painful for many months. They know how to treat athletes of all ages and abilities. Highly recommended.

John D.
Can’t thank Dr DeGorter enough for his expertise in helping me recover from an ankle problem during my training for the NYC Marathon. I thought I would have to withdraw but am now back on track to race!
Pamela G.

Dr. Degorter helped me through painful back and neck disc herniations using ART therapy and by teaching me exercises to do at home as well. He was both very patient and professional. It was a very positive experience.

Carol M

When I first went to Jonas Chiropractic, I was in intense pain and had to walk with a cane. I found out I had three herniated discs. Within a few weeks of seeing Dr. Jon DeGroter, I was walking without a cane and in much less pain. The ART (active release technique) helped tremendously as well as the chiropractic adjustments. After a few months I am now able to start light running. Dr. Jon is a great chiropractor and I highly recommend him.

Henry V.T.
I do lot of running and I had numbness in my left leg IT band. As soon I started working with Dr. Jon DeGorter I see the improvement in my left leg. I must say that improvement is slow and steady with substantial relief.
Mathew J.

Went to Jonas Chiropractic for Active Release Therapy (ART) on my tennis elbow and has brought the pain down to a manageable level. Have now introduced exercise along with ART and hope to put this issue behind me (BTW, three cortisone shots did nothing for me and ART has done wonders). Highly recommended and office is very professional.

TM- Google review

Dr. DeGorter’s expertise and application of both ART and cold laser treatments significantly reduced my knee pain and eliminated the inflammation. I suffered for over 3 months before seeing him. I highly recommend Dr. DeGorter. He is very professional and knowledgeable.

David Parker- Google Review

Awesome!! Went in quick, very professional and courteous. Listened to all I had to say. Made a a plan and I left feeling great.

Cyndle R -(ZocDoc)

Dr. Jon has been amazing. My back went into spasm and I hoped it would pass, but I couldn’t take the pain anymore so I made an appointment. My pain decreased 25% after my first visit and now another 25% after my second visit today. He is very communicative and gentle. He even called after my first visit,the next day, to see how I was doing! Who does that?! I’m going back next week for more and expect to be fully recovered soon. He’s awesome. Thank you doctor!!!

Jeanine G- Facebook

Can’t say enough great things about Jonas Chiropractic. After limited results attempting to rehab a severely sprained ACL with PT, Jonas Chiropractic got me back on the tennis court in 3 weeks and back to full strength in 6. I strongly recommend any athlete rehabbing an injury to see Dr. DeGorter and take his recommendation to opt for the Cold Laser Therapy, it works wonders.

Jared K

Excellent treatment from Dr. DeGorter who quickly remedied a badly sprained ankle that had been swollen and painful for many months. They know how to treat athletes of all ages and abilities. Highly recommended.

John Dunworth– Google Review

Working as an Orthodontic technician, I have always had shoulder & neck pain. After a few visits with Dr. DeGorter I feel fantastic! I would highly recommend making an appointment. You will be very pleased. Very friendly office.

Deborah K. – verified ZocDoc review

I am a triathlete and now a first time marathon finisher. I would not have made it to the starting line of the NYC marathon never mind finish it without the expert help of Dr. Jon DeGorter and his use of ART (Active Release Techniques). His knowledge, professionalism, and personality all shined from my initial treatment through maintenance therapy and into post race recovery. I recommend Dr. DeGorter and Jonas Chiropractic for all your sports injury (or injury prevention) needs without hesitation.

Gary P. – Google Review

I thought the visit went really well! Dr. Jon is very knowledgeable and explains everything he is doing. My neck felt great after the visit. This is the first time in a few months that I havent had any discomfort.

Alicia M. – verified ZocDoc review

No wait time, informative of what is wrong so you can get better faster and understand what is wrong. Very thorough and never rushed.

Sean A. – verified ZocDoc review

I have been working with Jonas Chiropractic for over a year on my various ailments due to mainly overuse as a long distance triathlete. Dr. Jonas is a very hands on, positive and enthusiastic person who has put a lot of care and time into working with me so that I can continue racing.

Bridget O. – Glen Head

Jonas Chiropractic has been treating me for various issues involving back and shin splints. They are very positive and helpful and resourceful chiropractors.

Suzanne R. – Laurel Hollow

I have been working with Jonas Chiropractic for the past 4 months and she has helped alleviate my pain tremendously. I can feel her dedication and compassion for her patients and every visit to the office is pleasant.

Maria T. – Plainview

Jonas Chiropractic is wonderful!, caring and professional. I’ve been working with them for 3 months and I’ve had great improvement in tension and flexibility in my back, along with better health. I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Matthew B-L. – Syosset

I met with the chiropractors several months ago, I was unable to do the things I love best, run & bike. I had issues with my legs and lower back. They started treating me with Active Release Technique, and my problems began to resolve. I have been to several other chiropractors in the past, it was not until I began with Jonas Chiropractic Sports Injury Care and ART that my problems were resolved. All athletes should seek out ART & Jonas Chiropractic for their various injuries.

Bruce R. – Woodbury

Therapy has been wonderful. My knee has felt 100% better since I started treatment. My recovery after sports has been nothing short of remarkable (I woke up the next day after playing and my knee felt normal), the sessions have been perfect, all of my problems are addressed. My hand problem has improved over the last few weeks with therapy and taping. I am very happy I was referred to Jonas Chiropractic, it has made my recovery that much better. The office is top notch very clean, all the proper equipment to deal with recovery. All in all, an excellent experience.

Luis S. – Lake Grove

What techniques do the doctors use?

ART (Active Release Technique), Cox technique, Graston Soft Tissue technique, Activator and Diversified adjusting, and kinesiotaping.

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