Cox Technique

Cox Technique is a hands on spinal manipulation with a specifically designed table to provide flexion-distraction to lower backs and necks. This type of manipulation can provide decompression to necks and lower backs. Flexion distraction is safe, effective and does not involve quick movements or loud cracks. The cox technique is performed using a special table. As pictured below Jonas Chiropractic has the Cox 7 table. A simple flexion move of cox technique can increase circulation in the disc and remove the pressure off the nerve roots.  A standard disc herniation or bulge can have anywhere between 7 mm of Mercury to 256 mm of Mercury. Cox Technique can help drop the intradiscal pressure as low as -192 mm of Mercury. It can also increase the spinal canal foraminal by up to 28%. Cox Technique can become extremely useful for people with lumbar disc herniations, cervical disc hernations, disc bulges, foraminal compression, degenerative disc disease, facet syndrome, and radiculopathy because of the changes in intradiscal pressure.

Dr. James Cox developed flexion distraction technique in the early 1960’s. Cox technique has now been developed over the years and is backed by substantial research throughout the years. Click any of the links below for some research articles.


For additional research information click here.