Jonas Chiropractic is proud to have the 3D Body Scanner Kiosk by Foot Levelers. This piece of equipment is amazing for helping our patients.  Foot Levelers functional orthotics support all three arches of the foot that make up the plantar vault. Everybody has a unique DNA that makes them different and so are people’s feet, no two feet are alike. The 3D body view makes a custom orthotic based on a scan of a person’s feet. The scan is then sent out to the factory and a custom orthotic is made within a week for the patient. Unlike the over the counter orthotics that may cost less, they are made generically for a one size fits all customer.

Orthotics can help not only with foot pain; it can affect knee pain, hip pain, lower back pain. That’s because an orthotic can help provide stability to the rest of the body every time you walk. These custom orthotics can be used for running shoes, work boots, dress shoes, flip flops, high heels and even children.

FootLevelers have been around for over 6 decades and their proven performance and clinical research has been far superior to other orthotic products. They provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed or money back.