No Fault

Following a car accident can be traumatic and leave you with major soft tissue damage to the neck, lower back and extremities. New York State provided through your auto insurance allows for free covered treatment, at no cost to you post car accident. We can provide care to you and those involved in the accident chiropractic care to help prevent long term soft tissue injuries. Care is provided based on medical necessity to get you recovered faster. Pain post car accident can have long term effects if not taken care of appropriately. Our team can provide a full exam, report, comprehensive notes, re-exams all important documentation for your treatment or case if you have one in a law suit. Our team can provide you with x-rays, MRI’S, neurologist, orthopedist all necessary to help figure out your soft tissue damage and spinal damage.It is important to find a soft tissue specialist like us that can help you recover quicker and faster to get you back to yourself.