Is an instrument- assisted soft tissue modality (IASTM) that allows Dr. DeGorter to address acute and chronic soft tissue injuries and myofascial restrictions. Dr. DeGorter is certified in Graston technique. Graston technique uses six specifically designed stainless steel instruments that are beveled and shaped in a certain way to help remove the scar tissue from different areas of the body. With each pass of the instrument over the affected area Dr. DeGorter will be able to reduce adhesions, break up scar tissue and help reduce pain to that area. The purpose of the Graston technique is to allow the removal of the damaged tissue or scar tissue and allow healing to begin. The damaged tissue will be scraped away by the Graston technique, which will then allow healing cascade to begin.

Cells known as fibroblast will produce new connective tissue and replace the old damaged tissue. Graston technique can be used not only for soft tissue injuries but post surgical treatment too.  After a surgery scar tissue may develop which will limit the mobility of the surgically repaired area.  These tools can help increase range of motion and allow for increased range of motion.  Graston technique is backed by more than 20 years of clinical research from case studies, case series, to clinical trials for many soft tissue injuries and scar tissue repairs.  Graston is very effective in reducing the treatment time needed; making changes to what many patients thought were permanent chronic conditions and making for a more productive every day life for the patient.