Run Training and Injury Prevention

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Train properly and get ready for your next running event with these Ten Training Tips:

1. Check out any pre-existing aches or pains. Should you have an area of your body that chronically bothers you with stiffness or sharp pain have it examined. Do not try to ignore it.

2. Work out with a specific plan and follow it. There are many training plans available and coaches who can guide you properly.

3. Do not over train. Many injury results from over training. Following a specific plan is very important. Increasing your training distance incrementally. Going with too much mileage too soon can result in injury.

4. Make sure you have prepared properly. Doing a race undertrained can result in an injury on race day.

5. Do not ignore aches and pains that occur while you are training. Should something hurt while running, that is usually a sign that something is wrong. Check it out with proper professional.

6. Most running injuries result from an “over use” action. Correcting the cause usually will remove the problem.

7. Do Dynamic Stretching prior to running. That is stretches that actively warm up the muscles involved in running. Dynamic stretching elongates muscles, warms core temperature and communicates neurologically. Download the free PDF ‘5 Dynamic Stretches to Warm Up

8. Hydrate properly. Cramping can results from dehydration and lead to muscle strains.

9. Fuel properly after training. Recovery is essential for training. It is important to digest the proper nutrients within 1/2 hour of a training run.

10. Get the proper amount of sleep. Your body recovers during sleep. Try to sleep on your back or side with one or no pillow.