Ankle Stability

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Over the years in practice I have seen many patients with old ankle injuries. Injuries that occurred early on in life. Ankle sprains and strains that happen to them while doing some athletic activity. These injuries on the most part were left untreated and healed slowly by themselves. Unfortunately when this happens many times scar tissue develops at the injury site. This tissue is fibrotic and does not afford the supportive structures the same resiliency and flexibility. Specifically the ankle becomes very inflexible in many cases. Lack of ankle stability and flexibility can create a whole host of problems. The first which we see in our practice is plantar fascitis. Calf and hamstring tightness occur readily as well. Knee and lower back problems are directly related. While we treat the affected areas and correct the problem we also go to the cause and with Active Release Therapy, Graston technique and Cold Laser treatments we can successfully remove fibrotic tissue from the ankle and restore proper function and stability. By restoring ankle flexibity to affected areas, healing takes place much quicker and the symptoms do not reoccur.